Note 1: In my analysis, I will confine myself to two four-issue limited series’ Tarzan vs. Predator At the Earth’s Core and Tarzan/John Carter: Warlords of Mars, and the first 10 issues of the ongoing Tarzan monthly series. For the sake of clarity, Tarzan vs. Predator will be identified as Earth’s Core and Tarzan/John Carter as Warlords of Mars. In regards to the monthly series, issues #1-6 are subtitled Jungle Fury and issues #7-10 as Legion of Hate. The subtitles will be used when referring to the Tarzan monthly series. | back to article |

Note 2: Punctuation in comic books has its own style that does not translate well into an essay of this sort. For example, ellipsis is often used as words travel from one speech bubble to the next. When quoting directly from comic books, I have taken the liberty to alter the grammatical structure of the sentence to accommodate formalized methods of punctuation. Therefore, "Strange that I don’t mind your hurting me. . . that I even find pleasure in the experience. . ." becomes "Strange that I don’t mind your hurting me. That I even find pleasure in the experience." | back to article |

Note 3: This wish fulfillment briefly surfaces between Tarzan and Dejah Thoris in Warlords of Mars #3. Tarzan is stranded on Mars without his loving wife; similarly, Dejah Thoris’ husband, John Carter, has been missing for quite some time. The sexual tension arises between Tarzan and Thoris as she dismisses her attendants and, standing before Tarzan with nothing but her towel, realizes the danger that this situation evokes: "I think perhaps I should dress, before the ghosts of others make us seek that which we might regret" (8). | back to article |

Note 4: For example, Greg S. McCue’s Dark Knights: The New Comics in Context; Joseph Witek’s Comic Books as History; and, Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art. | back to article |