Peeping Tom


1. There were off-screen murders in The Lodger, The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Shadow of a Doubt, Spellbound, Notorious, Rear Window and Vertigo. There were shootings in The 39 Steps, The Foreign Correspondent, North by Northwest and brief strangulation sequences in The Lady Vanishes and Rope. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

2. Owing to spatial constraints addressing these questions will be postponed to a later paper. For me, the central question involves looking at the way in which all of the women portrayed in these murders have defied men in one way or another. Is it story structure which dictates whether or not they escape death or is it the magnitude and nature of their crimes? (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

3. See Hitchcock's article "Rear Window", Focus on Hitchcock, edited by LaValley A.J, Englewood NJ Rewtice Hall 1972. Reprinted in Take One. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

4. See the list of on and off-screen murders given in footnote 1. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

5. LaValley, p.42. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

6. There is one cut in the first thirty seconds, six in the second thirty and six in the third. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

7. Excellently documented and interpreted in Rothman's The Murderous Gaze. Harvard University Press. 1982. The point of this paper can be adequately made without going into a detailed account of each of these shots. (RETURN TO ARTICLE.)

8. Bruno partially strangles Mrs. Cunningham while staring at Barbara; he seems to be a semi-trance. His hands lock on her throat and are difficult for the other party guests to pry away, reinforcing the perception of Bruno's overpowering strength.(RETURN TO ARTICLE.)