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10 Shades of Noir
Film Noir Web Links
Film Noir Reader--This Web site is devoted to The Film Noir Reader (edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini and published by Limelight Editions). It contains an introduction and three complete essays from the book, including a essay by Alain Silver on Kiss Me Deadly.

Martin's Film Noir Page--Contains some good film noir links and some fun stuff.

Hard Boiled--Contains some links and a start or two on some film noir essays.

No Place for a Woman: the Family in Film Noir and Other Essays--Features several good essays by John Blaser on film noir, including the title essay. Also includes some stills and sound clips.

Film Noir & Pulp Fiction--Contains an essay, sound clips, film clips, and web links.

UC Berkeley Library--Contains links to four good essays/web sites.

The Allure of the Macabre--Contains film noir articles, most notably a New York Times article from 1945.

The Palace Theater--This Web site is managed by Michael Mills. It contains tons of photos, with a section devoted to film noir. In addition, you'll find an article on Out of the Past and an article on narrative innovations in film noir.

Filmsite--A collection of introductory information on film noir.

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10 Shades of Noir Introduction
The Big HeatThe Big Sleep
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Force of EvilGun Crazy
Lady from ShanghaiPickup On South Street
Shadow of a DoubtSweet Smell of Success
Some Additional Choice Noirs
Plus! Alain Silver on the ending of Kiss Me Deadly
And Film Noir Web Links

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