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Serials Web Links

Unfortunately, you won't find many Web sites devoted to serials, but here is a list of the serials Web sites that we discovered. If you run across any other Web sites devoted to serials, please let us know at

Cliffhangers -- This Web site is still in the development stage, but it looks promising.

The Maverick's Serial Page offers some useful lists: serials by years, serials by studios, a list of Witney/English serials, and a valuable list of serials references.

Movies Unlimited -- Normally, we wouldn't throw a commerical Web site onto our list of links, but Movies Unlimited has a good selection of serials on video. So if you're itching to get a copy of Jungle Girl or Flash Gordon, here's one of the best video resources on the Web.

Web of the Cliffhanger -- Here's the best site on the Web devoted exclusively to serials. You'll find pages devoted to the best serials and the worst serials. You'll find a picture gallery, a page devoted to serial heroes, and other information that will warm the hearts of serial lovers everywhere.

The Serials: An Introduction
Page 1: In the Theaters
Page 2: The Beginnings
Page 3: Enter Flash Gordon
Page 4: The Golden Age
Page 5: The Downfall

The Phantom Empire

Flash Gordon

Dick Tracy

The Fighting Devil Dogs

Zorro's Fighting Legion

The Shadow

Mysterious Dr. Satan

Spy Smasher

Perils of Nyoka

The Tiger Woman



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