Issue 7 includes the following articles: Possession, Penetration, and Tarzan Comic Books by Graham J. Murphy; Hercules: Looking Backward, Seeing Now by Shona Krchnak; The Sky is Falling!: Why Are Virtual Worlds So Desolate? by Mary Flannagan; An Interview with Tom Atkins by Paul M. Riordan; Wiring the Kids by Christopher Martin and Bettina Fabos; and much more.


in focus

In this issue, our "In Focus" section is devoted to the Western. You'll find the following articles: The Silent Western as Mythmaker by Peter Flynn; Spaghetti Westerns by John Nudge, and The Western: An Overview by Gary Johnson. Plus, coming soon: "30 Great Westerns."

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Our reviews section covers MOVIES: Analyze This, Eight Millimeter, October Sky, Blast From the Past, Payback, and Rushmore; VIDEO: Paul Morrissey camp classics, The Tin Drum, Russ Meyer's Up! and Cherry, Harry & Raquel!, Noir: The Dark Side of Hollywood, and Nosferatu the Vampyre; and BOOKS: Neal Gabler's Life the Movie, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, and VideoHound's World Cinema.


Images publishes articles about movies, television, videos, and other popular visual arts. In this issue, our "In Focus" section is devoted to The Western.

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